SnowGathering 2007 Cancelled!
Zero tolerance for freedom of sexual speech! (Free Speech Coalition)

Driebergen - The Netherlands; 22 February 2007 is very sad to announce that the SnowGathering 2007 has been cancelled! The organization sees no other option due to major recent developments like the Radisson Sas Saga Hotel revoking today (22 February 2007) its decision to receive the group at the hotel. Unfortunately the hotel has not been able to cope with the intense media and political pressure and decided to buckle down to the pressure of some groups who share the opinion that choosing your profession is out of the question unless they support this profession. cannot support or understand the decision taken by the hotel since we have done our utmost to comply with all the wishes and demands requested by the hotel after the whole media explosion. Legal assistance has been sought in this matter since believes the cancellation and the consequent financial losses (both material and time wise) have been carried out without any legitimate or legal grounds. Despite of the legal counseling, the SnowGathering can not be held due to this last minute hotel cancellation.

The SnowGathering has been discussed even by the highest authorities in the country and even today the Police Department and the Department of Immigration are trying to look for ways to refuse entrance into Iceland to attendees of the SnowGathering! This decision has been taken after several statements by that we were going to obey all Icelandic laws (especially the ones connected to pornography!). AND even after the guarantee by the Reykjavik Police Department that we were going to be treated like normal tourists. It seems that being connected in any way to pornography has become a new Icelandic law for declaring you persona non grata in their country. A country that seems to care more about adult women taking their clothes off - by their own choice, without any pressure or threat - than about the extinction of living creatures like whales!

In the last few days has been under constant attack of a lot of people and groups, but fortunately there were also people (including a lot of Icelanders) that have shown their support to our event. would like to thank everybody who has been able to understand that the discussions in Iceland were not solely about the SnowGathering but about everybody who makes an honest living in this industry.

Attendees will be contacted personally. Should you have any questions or comments concerning these developments you can contact Cristina:: tel: +31 88 386 4903 / ICQ: 433-161-595

Now tell me what's Worse?

Allow whale slaughter
Endangered whales slaughtered against their own will!
 or  Porn stars having a good time
Porn stars voluntary having a good time!
Please judge for yourself!!!

NOTE: We might think that our remarks about the whale hunting might have been understood by some people. tried to make clear that the women we work with are doing their job out of free will, without any pressure or threat. Unfortunately the whales do not have any say in the killing of their specie. Pornography has been under great attack in Iceland, whale hunting has been highly condemned in the rest of the world. We do not approve with the killing of whales but as far as we know, no Icelandic tourist has ever been denied entrance into a country because of disagreeing about this subject!

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Comments received from Icelandic people right after this announcement:

"Dear Cristina. I just wanted to express my support to you and your company in regards to the total lack of respect and downright rudeness of the city of Reykjavik and others here in Iceland that seem to be treating you like common criminals. I am sick to my stomach to read on the icelandic webpages about how certain people here can put themselves on an high horse and judge others without having a clue what they're talking about. The hypocrisy with certain members of the city council, the mayor of Reykjavik and many others here is disgusting. It is at times like these that i'm ashamed to be an icelander. With my best regards and support"

"I am a Icelandic guy and i just want to say that to day i am not proud to be. I just hope you will put a note in every website you possible cant about this It is so stupid to ban a croup of peacefully people visiting our country i did talk about it on my website a couple a days ago that i am sure more people like sex then are against whale killing. Hope you will find another place for your chatering and please let pepole know about this and ask them to let the hotels know why when they cancel there trips."

"Hello I'm from iceland, and I feel sorry that you can not come here, I visit freeones every week.....just wanted to let you feel my support."

"I would like to apologize on behalf of everyone I know about the behavior of those in charge here in Iceland. Were it up to me, I'd have em all removed. I hope you well not label every Icelander as an anal prick."

"Just to let you know, I am an Icelander and I do not at all support the actions of our police and government to try to ban your group from the country. It is so absurd and backwards that I'm almost ashamed to be an Icelander at this point. I hope you seek your legal rights to the fullest extent. I'd also like to point out that a poll conducted yesterday by Frttablai newspaper revealed that this a majority of the nation does NOT support these actions against you. To the question "Is it acceptable that the government take action against the pornogrpahy convention?" 63% answered no and 37% answered yes. I'd also like to point out that a vast majority of the nation is ALSO opposed to whaling :) Our government has been operating autocratically lately. I'm now aware I'm unfortunely living in a porn-prejudiced country."

"I was schocked when I saw your cancellation post on the front page of your web. The schock was not because of the cancellarion, it was because you say that Icelanders mass slaughter whales and show a picture of many dolphins (the picture showed a smaller type of whale, not a dolphine though, so we changed it for a better one). It is prohibited to kill dolphins in Iceland. We only catch big whales and just few of them for scientific reasons. There has never been any question about legality of this gathering, it is legal as long as you go by the law. The owners of the hotel just were against this gathering for some strange reason. Do not judge whole nation because of five persons who are square minded and are afraid of going out of the box."

"This a bad news that snowgathering should be canceled because the femenist. I know for fact, that 70% of Iceland were positiv about this meeting. And we would have wellcomed you. There are lot of angry people angry about femenist. People think, Iceland is some kind police state, like Cube N-Korea, Iran and etc. Icelanders dont like to be told what to think. I am sorry. And I think you should sue the Hotel Radisson SAS/Saga. Go to the court with this matter. Greetings from Iceland."

"Im sorry that some of the people in Iceland chant stand the art and the beuty of the things that You are doing. And if someone did count the people that wanted you to com then you wood se That the protestors are only a small grub and very annoying people, and if you wood like my help To find a hotel or a place to stay in Iceland for the SnowGathering I wood gladly help."

"Just wanna say that this is a very sad day for Iceland. And I'm not proud of being Icelandic. Ive had an adult store here in Iceland since 2002 and there is always some people that dont like it but most of the people think its ok. The law about porn here in Iceland are from 1940 and I think some of the people here still think its 1940. And putting u under the same hat as RAPIST, HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND CHILD PORN are really fucked up and they should be ashamed of them self. One of the papers website put up a poll if people thought that U were being treated fare and 70% thought it was way out of line and I think that reflects the way we think of it. One friendly advise tough, you should talk about why the politics banned you from coming but support the war in irak that has killed 100 of thousands of people, then U will get to the ears of the Icelandic people. With best regards and hope U have a hell of a time else were."

"Hello Cristina, I would like to begin by apologizing for my country (Iceland) for the treatment your organization has been subjected to. People engaging in a meeting concerning a perfectly legal issue should -not- be subjected to this kind of senseless political and social pressure and thus forced to cancel said meeting. Although many people may very well have something against "porn" that does not mean it is illegal in Iceland and thus no reason why a conference concerning the issue shouldn't be held in Iceland. It is my belief that the people that claim "porn" is illegal in Iceland are seriously deluded due to the fact that I am almost positive that the definition of legal "porn" in Iceland is: sexual acts between consenting adults. That being said, I would believe all the pornographic material produced by anyone attending the meeting would fit within those lines and should someone not do so that should be handled by the law, and society, on an individual basis, not by punishing the whole group. P.s.I just wanted to tell you that the Radison Sas Saga Hotel offers at least a few channels of pornographic material in their in-house television programs. P.p.s I was not intending to attend to the meeting so this isn't just bitter babble on my account, I'm simply extremely annoyed at the way some matters seem to be turning in my home country and feel like I should at least offer a personal apology to those who are subjected to the narrow mindedness of some of my fellow countrymen."

"Hello Cristina here is a little message of support which you can feel free to post on the SnowGathering index page: I am a webmaster from Iceland who has attended numerous webmaster gatherings, mostly in Amsterdam. Id like to express my support to Freeones and the whole of the SnowGathering organizers as well as my utter fury at the Radisson SAS management team. Id like to take this opportunity to tell my fellow Icelanders that conferences such as SnowGathering is nothing like it has been made to appear lately in our Media, no illegal activity takes place and its mostly just a bunch of people who talk online daily coming together to meet face to face. Everyone who had part in trying to shut down the conference should be utterly ashamed for the backwards and frankly Fascist image they have just given Iceland"

"Radisson SAS hotels are showing pornographic material via Pay-per-view in all of their rooms...So by cancelling your hotel booking, theyve got double standards ! They wanna show porn in all their rooms, but dont want to have the producers at their hotel...thats just Weird.....Icelander in Denmark"

"I can't believe they won - you MUST know that this is not how the < 40 crowd in Iceland regards your business. People saw a chance to act politically correct about the issue and went for it on grounds on attention rather than anything else. Their lives will not change in any way now that SnowGathering's been cancelled - for better or worse. Neither will their kids', and apocalypse has not been avoided with anyone's heroic effort. As far as I'm concerned, Iceland's missing out on a sound business opportunity and a chance to prove its status as one of the top countries to visit for the time of your life."

"Dear Cristina, I'm not a big fan of porn and quiter honestly I think we could do without it, but I would have loved to have you as guests in Iceland! I think this is outrageous. Why on earth didn't they just let you in like any other people? Yeah, you are in the adult industry and it can turn out to be sketchy but they have nothing on you. You are not doing anything illegal. You just wanted a fun vacation. I am ashamed of the Icelandic authorities and it's hypocritical politicians. They have no solid arguments against you. What you do for a living is your own thing and is of no importance to me or anybody else. It's non of our business. You are not a threat to people. This is screwed up. Go and have fun somewhere else. Too bad it wasn't Iceland"

"Dear Cristina, I wish to express my deepest condolences regarding the way Icelandic authorities have shown towards the excellent and exciting Snow gathering you and your company had organized in Iceland next month. It is regrettable that this has gone this far and Im very disappointed in everyone involved, this is nothing less than an attack on our industry. As an Icelander I will do my best to follow up on this on my own, it will take time to educate as I see that is the only way to enlighten politicians and the authorities about our Industry. This will take time but perhaps in a few years an event like this can take place without incident. From all of us at Keith Manheim"

"I'm an Icelandic girl. I actually supported your visit; why shouldn't people, be allowed to come to Iceland? If they follow our rules and do not persue with something illegal! So what I'm asying is that, IF you were coming only for this intervention, and there wouldn't be any filmmakings etc. you guys should've been welcome. Because as you probably know, that is illegal in our country. On the other hand, as an Iceland I got offended when I visited in it's current form. As you might know, the majority of icelands inhabidants are AGAINST whalekilling! So as you post a picture of that dead whale, saying " Endangered whales slaughtered against their own will!" It sounds as if we all are just sailing around killing whales for our pleasure. Which is not the fact.Icelandic Feminists think they can control our gouvnerment (and guess what, right now I'm having this crazy thought that maybe they do!) You should definetely claim your rights!But do not offend us Icelanders, because then.. you might make people angry!"

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry on behalf of the majority of the Icelandic people. It is my feeling that the majority of Icelanders are shocked by the reactions of Radison SAS and the small group of people that has strongly protested to the Snow Gathering. I urge you to look into suing Radison SAS and the feminists that protested to your visit here. a spokeswoman for a feminist group accused your group of producing child pornography in an interview. The idiot major of Reykjavik requested the police look into your involvement with child pornography. (16. feb. 2007 and will only be accessible for another week on the web)This is a recording of the main news here in Iceland where the accusations are put forth. Of course you can't understand this, but perhaps you would like an Icelandic lawyer look at this."

"I hope that you dont think that all Icelandic people are as narrow-minded as the government...forbidding peaceful and honest people like you all likely are to come to the land, is a bad advertise for the country. There are alot of stupid laws here in Iceland, but this is just too much. Peace! and best wishes..."

"Dear Christina,Today I am ashemed to call myself Icelandic, I live abroad and have no intention to move back ever, especially when the country is being run by feminists/fascists that see the devil in every corner. Iceland is not a free country and I will never again have business with Hotel Saga."

"I'm Icelandic and I'm NOT proud of it. I've been spending a lot of time defending the freedom of people traveling to a free country that Iceland should be, on the forum of the feminist facists. Iceland should be a free country but apperantly not!! Just so you know, this is act of a small number of people who are plainly stupid."

"Hi, I agree with you about the porn but please get your facts right before you talk about the whales. They are being slaughtered in exactly the same way as the cattle in your local slaughterhouse. And they are NOT endangered. You are not making your point clear with this ridiculous comparing but instead you are just making yourselves look bad and this has nothing to do with people making adult material."

"Hello, don't know where to post this sort of thing so I'll just email it to you. Please disregard my previous mail, my dyslexia kicked in there with a bang. As an Icelander I feel outraged and angry about the cancellation of SnowGathering 2007. I see no reason to deny you the ability to conduct your meeting in Iceland, as long as you comply with Icelandic laws. And specifically no reason until someone breaks the law and for that to happen you need to be allowed to conduct the meeting.I must however admit that this is not surprising seeing that there is a radical feminist movement lobbying the authorities with lies and exaggerations of what goes on in your business. For example people from rape recovery institutes posting their numbers of convictions (and rapes in general) next to, and in context with, news of SnowGathering 2007 is completely out of line since the only effect porn has on rapes, in my opinion, is prevention. Also links to child pornography and human trafficking were made. You mention whaling on your homepage I think an even more direct example of hypocritism would be the fact that people cheer when NATO has a conference in Iceland to discuss military action and genocide while SnowGathering gets directly shafted. I feel sorry for those who were looking forward to attending and the organizers but most of all I feel sorry for the Icelandic, close minded, prudes who will never enjoy or learn anything from porn. I would like to see you follow this through to the full extent of the law and then see you in Iceland in the future (just to piss off the people who lost). Sincerely Citizen of Reykjavik, Iceland"

"Hi. I'm an Icelander, and girl - am I pissed! Bloddy stupid of the hotel management and the Mayor and all those assholes to bow .... nothing lawful about this... just mob rule. I'm deeply sorry for how you guys are treated by my fellow Icelanders... so ashamed.I sincerely apologize for this absurd stupitidy.I hope you choose a saner place for your next snowgathering."

"Hi Cristina, I'm an Icelander and I've been following the news and the developments regarding your journey to my home country. I never had a problem with you visiting and few people did actually. The once who were just happened to be loud about it and were given undeserved attention in the media. In other words the media was the reason this even became an issue. Nobody I've spoken to thinks you shouldn't visit. Nobody.. There are some different opinions as always but the only one to blame is the hotel.... Really... You're welcome here. I do find it very irritating to see people commenting about not being proud of being Icelandic today. Because this has nothing to do with our country.. If a hotel decides to back out of a business deal then the hotel is at fault. No one else... We're a very small country so events like this make the headlines very easily. At the same time, small groups are heard loud and clear. But again, we are NOT as a country filtering out any visitors. That is a huge and ugly misunderstanding it seems. Tell me, why on earth did you start talking about whales on your site? First of all, they're not endangered... So I guess that point is out of the window. Most Icelanders are opposed to whale hunting but for very different reasons than yours. It simply isn't gaining us anything and doesn't seem to be giving off a good image for tourists at the same time. So 90% of Icelanders think we shouldn't do it.... But to start comparing whale hunting to girls having fun is ridiculous and is hurting your cause in many people's opinions. Don't make this about Iceland or our hunting of whales.. For the love of God... You're welcome here... Make this about the evil hotel instead and I dare you to talk to another hotel and plan another visit. You'll be greeted with open arms. What you've heard in the media just isn't this country's opinion. Think about it ... The politicians who are on your side, you can't really expect them to speak out and go "BRING ON THE PORN PEOPLE!!!" :) That just isn't going to happen and I doubt I have to explain why. There are even a lot of people who really really want you to come here. Don't forget about them. To sum it up, the hotel is evil, whales have nothing to do with it, Icelanders have nothing against you visiting. Thanks! Icelander. P.S. Having looked at your site I feel I should mention that you can use this message in any way, but I'd prefer to remain anonymous."

"Dear Cristina, I am one of the significant majority of Icelanders that are appalled by the preposterous steps taken by the management of Radisson SAS in Iceland as a result of the hysteria demonstrated by a very vocal minority, many of whom are unfortunately in positions of political power. We are now three months away from parliamentary elections. Some politicians are blatantly fishing for votes, strongly opposing your conference in the hope that it will net them some support. I trust that your organisation will seek retribution and sue the hypocritical arses of these people. This kind of political abuse of peoples fundamental rights to assembly and expression has no place in Iceland. Best regards, Siggi"

"Hi Cristina, It seems like the crazyness broke all records after all. I am very sorry how everyting has been going against you and your colleges. I would still want you to come...and for rooms, Ive got one extra ;)"

"I want you to know that Im sorry that a very small group of loud ultra-feminists managed to manipulate politicians because of the upcoming elections to force the Hotel into revoking your bookings. I would also encourage you to sue Mrs. Gudrun Jonsdottir who directly accused you of producing child pornography, "flirt with Incest" and associated you with human trafficking, none of which I have ever seen on you site which I have frequented for years. Thanks for a great site but please remove this whaling nonsense you should be the bigger people in this and your statements on the whaling issue are inaccurate."

"Hi Cristina, I'm from Iceland and I felt I needed to let you know that I'm sorry that the government's position and lobby groups in my country has caused you to cancel your trip here. Not that I'd have attended the party - The thing is that while you're not breaking any laws, the general public would not care at all, except for a few, rusty hags and political figures trying to gain votes. The thing is that in 3 months there are parliament elections here, and they are pissing their pants not to do anything that can turn potential voters away. The leading party (Independence party - how ironic is that) sucks up to the right wing evangelia in the US, our justice minister reads Ann Coulter and those nuts on a daily basis for crying out loud - How sick is that? What do you expect from such people. There is no way that party is going to support people that show their tits or asses, dicks or pussies for a living. The hypocrisy is that icelanders are more promiscuous than most other nations, cheating and focusing to a large degree on finding something to hump every weekend. Very carnal. And probably very aware by supporting this breach of your rights, they might regain some lost... innocence? I don't know. To me this is very stupid, and to everyone I speak to - Literally everyone. Even my old school parents acknowledge your right to be treated with hospitality. I'm sorry you've been the victim of this crusade - Rest assured that Icleanders, probably more than most nations watch more internet porn pr. capita than anyone else. I actually hope you make a move to find other hotels here that are not run by the "farmer's union" (like Hotel Saga) and that you come here and give the government the finger that way. I want to point out that this party of "supreme morality" that is now running the country supported and has actually assisted with the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and it's the first war my country has taken direct part in by supporting and sending police over to help with the occupation. And furthermore - 96% of the nation was against that, and if a poll was run, I'm pretty sure you'd get a solid backing for you coming over. Not everyone is interested, but it's your right! It's not like you're killing anyone. Finally, if you stick to your decision not to come, I hope you sue their asses off. I'm pretty sure you'd win because no laws are being broken."

"I hope that the day will come that everyone is welcome to Iceland I think that there were only few peoble but very loud people that put the pressure on the hotel, everyone that I know both men and girl is very sorry about this, best regards and all the best to you "

"I am very sorry how about the way a small number of feminists-fascists have acted. They have lobbied you out of the country with the support of hysterics. I hope that you are willing to spend some money on suing most of the people responsible. With regards,"

"Dear Cristina, as I've already read on the website there is a huge amount of support from Icelandic people, and I just wanted to send you mine! I am a firm believer in Free Speech and I am ashamed of the reaction from some groups here in Iceland, and especially many of those who are "in charge" in our country (like ministers and mayors). I understand that people can be against pornography, and that is their right, but for all the others ... it is indeed their right too - to enjoy pornography if they like it. I am a frequent visitor on and I have recently signed for an account there ... and I'm loving the opportunity! So - I am hoping that you will take legal action. It would be great considering the elections are coming in May, and if this is still a hot issue - maybe we could end up seeing some good changes here! We desperately need it!!! I mean if this is done after pressure from the government and other officials ... imagine what this could lead to ... pretty soon we'll be banning people to come because they're against whaling or because they were furs or because they don't like ketchup! or whatever... This was a truly sad decision and a dangerous one. I'm hoping to at least enjoy your website and as well, along with many other sites, without having to excuse myself for being an Icelander. But I really feel like I should apologize... I can't help it. All the best from Iceland, long live Free Speech. Good Luck!"

"Farewell free world."

"Hello Cristina, I'm deeply sorry for the actions of my fellow countrymen that led to the cancellation to the convention. As a young student living in east-Iceland I have not been able to keep up to the discussions, but I hope you realize that the feminists are sort of the bullies of this country. If you do not agree with their opinions, you are a sexist prick. I had planned to stay in Reykjavik that particular weekend and was hoping to see what it's all about, and now my weekend is ruined. Sort of. Have you considered other locations and hotels in Iceland, or is totally out of the picture now? Anyways, best of luck. I hope you do not judge a country by the loud minorities in it."

"HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"As an Icelander I would like to apologize, treating you as criminals is a disgrace. I'm sorry you could not have visited our country I am certain you would have enjoyed it and would have been welcomed by many as most of my comrades readily support your rights, even my female comrades."

"Hi I just wanted to say how sorry I am that a small group of self proclaimed moral crusaders managed to pressure others in to cancelling this trip. This is indeed an ugly stain on freedom here in Iceland and I will fully support your decision to sue these people if it comes to that, here's hoping ;) They have accused you of being child molesters, kidnappers, rapists and prostitutes with out a single snippet of evidence and it is simply unacceptable that they should get away with throwing things like that in the air. It would be great if you could somehow show the media here the amount of money all those companies that you were going to employ for their services are going to lose because of this hysteria. I thought Fascism went out of fashion in 1945. Take care"

"Hi, Just a stupid question what is the correlation between whaling and fornication? Maybe you could make a flick where these two subjects get more acquainted if you know what I mean...I wanna be in the flick here is my pic... ;-) Yours Wailing. Hawkman. Ps: Cum in Sweden I am waiting."

"Hi Cristina, I just wanted to say that you have my total support in regards of this whole issue. I'm ashamed for being Icelandic right now, this kind of bullshit just makes me want to move away from here. Best of luck to you in finding a more tolerant and nicer place than Iceland to party at. peace"

"Hi, I just want to tell you, that there is election after few months here in Iceland. I belive that may have some effect of this result, political have been yacking about this because of that, well political and feminism. Not everyone (like i guess you know) I hope you all will visit us, IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM :) Try to chance hotel! -And just a little bit more (taken from How many whales are left:(numbers mentioned) And we are just hunting few- of the largest groups. (Thats maby bad excuse, but it is not that bad) :) Sincerely,"

"I just wanted to write you to tell you how shamed i am of beeing an Icelander right now. Most of Iceland didn't care if this convention was going to happen or not. This was just another convention. But the "few" and the greedy newsreporters won this time. I personally don't know ANYONE that had anything againts this convention so i really don't understand what just happend. The Radisson SAS hotel is owned by the Icelandic Farmers. They gave in to pressure and all chat forums in iceland are full of people in shock.. People here don't belive what just happend! I have worked alot in the tourist industry, in hotels mostly and i have no words.. In credible. Anyhow. I'm sorry how this all ended, most of iceland was very excited to get all of you here and as i said, are not very proud to be Icelandic right now. I have no problems with killing whales, but that's a whole other thing altogether.. :) Best regards from Iceland"

"Hi I live in Iceland and I am ashame of what has happend. I am also really, really, really....mad about it. You can put this on your webpage.Regards."

"It is very sad that we let extrem feminists tell us what we can door think."

"Dear sirs and madams, I can hardly begin to describe how ashamed I am of my fellow countrymen regarding your now cancelled trip to my overly proud country. I can only offer my humble apologies as an Icelander and hope that you will have a great time wherever you decide to go instead. Uber feminists, poorly informed politicians and people who should just know better have declared this a victory for human rights and although I can see their point, I think it is your right to go to whichever country you please to have a good time. Looking at some of the pictures from your trip last year it can be deducted that shooting similar pictures here in Iceland would get you lawfully arrested. I think that is the only purely logical point your opposers here can cling to. Other than that, Icelandic authorities should have no business preventing anyone with a clean criminal record to come and enjoy what our country has to offer."

"Hi, I'm an Icelandic woman and I would like to congratulate you on your decision of taking the snowgathering event elsewhere.The publisity you have been getting here is highly unfair and borderline slanderous. I think that in hindsight the people of Radison SAS and others that have contributed to the media frenzy, will see that a 150 people coming here as tourists (with money to spend and experiencing fun things to tell others about later) is not a good thing to miss. The tourism industry will suffer from this in my opinion."

"Hello Christina. I must say that I am almost ashamed of my nationality. Our government claims there is democricy in Iceland, but I fail to notice that, since they banned you to come, without asking the citizens of Reykjavk, or even all of Iceland first! I also find it really sad that they don't even aplogise to you. I certainly hope you and your group don't judge all Icelanders by the acts of our government."

"Hi Cristina, I'm a 28 year old male from Iceland that for the first time is ashamed of being Icelandic. The way the hotel buckled under the irrashional pressure of the narrow minded people in the 'human rights commitee' and others is just disgusting to me. I truly hope you follow this matter up on the basis of law and I wish that you not only get full compensations for all your losses but also that you get back the dignity that has been taken away from you all as honest human beings."

"Im ashamed to be an icelander at the moment, what a bunch of hypocrits i must say!"

"I am an Icelander and i'm not proud of it at the moment! Those f*****g feminists are just a jelus 50-80 years old virgins and they seem to be controling the god damn country! And for the half of all other then the feminists I say i'm sorry."

"Hi Cristina, I just wanted to say that the desicion of Radison SAS was only taken because of a pressure from a very small group of feminist and does not reflect the majority of the Icelandic people. I hope later your group will be able to travel and take a look at our country and enjoy everything we have to offer."

"Dear Cristina. I must say that it is seldom that I am ashamed of being Icelandic. I was however the day I heard that the Snowgathering 2007 had been outcast by the owners of the Radisson SAS hotel in Reykjavk. I would like to appologize to all the people involved on behaf of the Icelandic people. I believe that most Icelanders were not against this gathering, but a bunch of self righteous, uninlightened and smug puritans can obviously be a strong interest group. You could say that ignorance and political correctiveness won a battle here, but I hope that they will lose the war eventually. Sincerely, P.S. Just to enlighten you: The species of the nine whales hunted last year is far from being endangered. There are literally thousands of them in the ocean around the country."

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