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Official Statement regarding the SnowGathering! expressed today (Monday 19th of February) its surprise to all current developments in reference to this year’s SnowGathering event being held in Reykjavik – Iceland. Surprised and offended by the comparisons to drug dealers, child molesters and rapists, the organization behind the SnowGathering would like to set the record straight.

Cristina Ponga, Event Manager of the SnowGathering: “The SnowGathering is a business to business event for serious and legitimate companies in the adult entertainment business. During the SnowGathering we offer our attendees the chance to conduct business in a relaxing manner. We believe that by offering our attendees fun, exciting and relaxing activities we increase their chances to network. This is the reason why we have chosen for this combination instead of a conventional congress setting. We would like to stress that everybody attending this event, as well as the organizers themselves, run legitimate businesses and are all opposed to child pornography and human trafficking. We believe that comparing us to or even insinuating that any of us have anything to do with child pornography, oppression of women or prostitution is not only 100% incorrect and uncalled for, but highly offensive!”

One look at the program of this event should make clear that nothing out of the extraordinary will be taking place. Excursions listed are typical Icelandic stops for any tourist! does not think there is much pornography involved in doing a day of skiing, the Golden Circle Tour or visiting a dinner-show. The only thing that could be criticized is the visit to a strip club, but should this comment be made it should be considered very hypocritical since Reykjavik has approximately 6 legitimate strip clubs located in its city centre.

Cristina Ponga: “We think that our visit and our intentions have been totally misunderstood and comments and views on this matter have been totally misplaced and blown out of proportion. Everybody we work with is over 18 years old and nobody is being pressured into doing anything they do not fully agree with.”
March 7th - 11th 2007, Radisson Sas Reykjavik, Iceland